5 Great reasons to live by the seaside

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5 Great Reasons To Live By The Seaside

The seaside’s in England are a magical place where 1000’s of people visit every year. But only a lucky few get to live by the seaside. Check out this list of some of the 5 great reasons to live by the seaside.


There is no denying that a seaside view is one of the greatest views in the world. In Southend the beach stretches out for miles and the sea view goes even further. This is something that you would be able to wake up to every morning when you live by the sea side. It’s a view that you can never get bored of and makes for a fantastic Instagram picture!


The seaside is a place that is full of attractions. Southends sea front is known for its stretch of arcades that’s florescent glow lights up the sea front at night. Full of games and the famous 2p machines there are hours of fun to be spent in the arcades alone.
Water sports are another great attraction of any seafront. If you are an adrenaline junkie then water skiing, speed boating and jet skis will be the thrill you are looking for!


The main reason people leave their manic city life to escape to the sea side is to relax. Those who live by the seaside know how easy it is to take a walk down onto the beach after a long day at work or walking and shopping round the nearby city. There is nothing more relaxing than a sunbed on a beach on a hot day or even Sunday afternoon walks along the seafront!


Seafood is possibly one of the best reasons to move to the sea side. Fresh and local seafood is something that can only be found at the sea front and it is definitely something that is worth seeking out. Southend is lucky to be graced with The Fisherman’s Wharf which has an extensive menu of delicious and fresh seafood as well as an excellent choice of grills, steaks and vegetarian dishes. Great seafood restaurants like this can be found at coasts all across the country and is something that many people look forward to when they visit.


The sun doesn’t come out often in England but as soon as temperatures reach above 20 degrees’ people from in land flock out to their closest coast line to catch some rays on a golden beach. On a hot day there is nowhere better to relax and enjoy yourself than with a Rossi ice cream on a sandy beach. So what’s better than being able to be a short walk from your local beach so you are always first down when those summer days roll by.

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