How To Choose Your Ideal Estate Agent

Choosing an estate is a huge part of moving

How To Choose Your Ideal Estate Agent

Choosing an estate agent is a huge part of moving into the property market. Finding the right professional to move you from start to end, achieving your property ambitions in the process, is challenging, but help is at hand.

This guide walks you through the key processes, and if you want to learn how to choose your ideal estate agent, we are here to assist you.

The Way People Buy And Sell Homes Has Changed – Choose An Agent That Reflects This Change

Online property portals have transformed the way people search for homes. The industry has changed, and estate agents need to reflect these changes. We are proud to say we are customer focused, and that we want to move away from traditional sales models.

If you have been let down by estate agents in the past, Legra Homes will provide you with a new way of selling your home.

Local Knowledge Is Essential In Selling Homes

While estate agents should use modern technology, some things never change in the property market. Local knowledge remains necessary, and we are pleased to say we have a skilled and experienced team who are hands-on in your area.

We know what your local area has to offer, and we know what buyers need. Therefore, when you want to make the best impression on buyers, choose an agent with considerable local knowledge.

Experience Still Counts For Something With Property Deals

While we pride ourselves on offering a modern estate agency service, we know there is comfort in wisdom and knowledge. Our team can call on more than 50 years’ of combined service in the industry. We’ve witnessed the peaks and troughs of the property market, and survived to tell the tale. Therefore, when you need guidance from experts who know the industry, you can rely on us.

Is Your Estate Agent Available When You Need Them?

There is no such thing as a standard working week, and you need to choose an estate agent that is ready for you. Whether you work shifts, you have a range of responsibilities that come first, or you like to do things at a time that suits you, you need an estate agent to be available when you need them.

At Legra Homes, we operate between 9 am and 8 pm every day of the week, so there is always someone to speak to when you need guidance. Even when we’re closed, our emails are open, helping you reach out at whatever time is convenient for you.

Know Your Budget And What Constitutes Value For Money For You

Selling your home is expensive, and every household needs to make a decision based on their finances and outlook. A package that is perfect for one client would be wholly unsuitable for another. At Legra Homes, we appreciate that one size fits all doesn’t work for every client, and this is why we have a range of prices and options to consider.

Whether you appreciate the no sale no fee approach to selling your home or you would instead opt for an upfront payment that covers all your marketing requirements, we can help you out. Come and speak with the property experts to ensure you make an informed decision regarding your budget and what you need to achieve in the property market.

Some quick tips to consider that will help you choose your ideal estate agent include:

  • Ask friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations
  • Look online for reviews and testimonials
  • Obtain a quote for the work you need to be carried out
  • Speak with an estate agent

One of the most important steps you can take when choosing your ideal estate agent is to speak to agents. Buying or selling a home is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life, and you need to feel respected and supported.

You don’t need to become best friends with an estate agent, but you should trust them, and you should feel as though they are always fighting on your behalf. Buying or selling a home involves negotiations, and it can feel like a contest between two sides, both vying to come out on top.

Given what is at stake, don’t you want to hire an estate agent who you trust and who you feel will help you achieve your dreams? If you do, come and speak with Legra Homes and you’ll see that we are the ideal estate agent for you.


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