How Long Will It Take To  Sell My House?

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When Should You Start Worrying About My House Sale?

It’s a good question. Do you start worrying after a few weeks of marketing without an offer on your house? Or should you be patient and stick with your agent and price for six months or more?

At Legra Homes, we see so many sellers who have been on the market for over 6 months and over 9 months to a year is not uncommon. It’s true that the longer your property is on the market, the less desirable it is to a buyer, and the less confidence your agent will have that he can achieve any figure close to your asking price.  It’s therefore really important that your strategy in the first 2-3 months is as well thought out, planned and confident.

Here are our 5 golden rules for making sure you don’t get to worrying stage:

  1. Choose the right agent based on marketing skills, enthusiasm and a high fee – they will earn it if they are the best agent for you.
  2. Be realistic about your asking price. Going on the market at too high an asking price will mean you may not get any viewings at all. If you ask a price that’s in line with precedent in your area and for your type of house, you’ll get viewings, and the valuable feedback viewings produces. Without viewings, you’re in the dark, and the only answer is often to drop the price.
  3. Once you have decided with your estate agent what your asking price should be, resolve to review it in say three months’ time. If you have not had any interest by then, decide in advance what price drop you’ll take. For example, if you go to market in September, but you haven’t had any significant viewings or an offer by Christmas, you’ll withdraw from the market until February and take 10% off your asking price. Having a strategy in advance can help take the emotion out of the often difficult decision to reduce the price.
  4. Make sure your photography and brochure is of the highest possible standard. The photography gets you the clicks on Rightmove – or else your house is ignored. And the brochure sells the viewing. Be firm about this – your home deserves the very best marketing so it stands out online, and offline too.
  5. Commission a home stylist to give your house a once-over. Even if you and your friends think it’s immaculate, you need independent, professional advice at this crucial time. At Legra Homes our two stylists are skilled at presenting rooms for photography and also sensitive to the sometimes opposing needs of the homeowner.

Follow our 5 golden rules you will be in the best possible position to sell your home within the time frame you need.

We’d love to share with you our experience and ideas about your house sale – whether it’s because you’re simply considering a move, or because you have tried to sell but you’re not getting the interest you’d hoped for. Just drop us a line or pick up the phone 01702 410711 – and we’ll pop round for a cup of tea and a chat, to see if we can help you.