New Year, New Agent 

The key is, changing agents

New Year, New Agent?

As the clocks struck 12am to mark the end of 2019 I had a thought. The same thing happens every single year. Properties that had previously been struggling to sell on the market engage a new agent for the new year and sell. I have encountered it numerous times over the last decade and it never changes.

The key is, changing agents. Leaving your property online with your current agent with a visible commencement date of July 2019 or even May 2018!! Yes, MAY 2018 (currently still available on Rightmove in the SS9 postcode) is going to seriously harm your ability to sell your property effectively, whilst retaining some value. Do not be talked in to reducing the current asking price by your current agent, this will do more harm than good. They have had 6 months to sell the property, it should be sold.

It is an absolute fact that the quicker you receive offers, the more likely you are to achieve asking price or better. The longer your property sits on the market the less bartering power you have when you want to negotiate an offer.

We saw it very recently at the end of last year, we were called out to a property that had been on the market for 12 months (not uncommon last year with our economic turmoil), but the sellers were at their wits end. They were retired, wanting to move to Norfolk to be closer to their children that had moved that way for whatever reasons.

The sellers were desperate to be moved before Christmas 2019 so they could have their children and their grandchildren over for the festivities. We advised the sellers to take a break from the market firstly, a general rule of thumb is to take a month off the market for every 6 you have been on. This for us is crucial, firstly it is a psychological break from pressures of being on the market, wondering when you will have a viewing or whether your agent is truly working for you. Secondly, it allows a new wave of buyers in to your area that may be interested.

After the sellers had their 2 months off, we put the property back on the market, for £15,000 MORE, and had 2 offers within the first 3 days (one was a cash buyer and the other a first time buyer) both for full asking price. The property was located in Westcliff-on-Sea in Park Street and was marketed and sold by us for £365,000.

If you are considering changing agents and are serious about your move, please do contact me today on 01702410711, or email me at [email protected] or visit our Leigh-on-Sea page for more information.