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To find out how much your property is worth and book a free valuation, simply fill in the form below or call our team on 01702 410711 and we will arrange a convenient time to visit the property and advise you how much your property could sell for in the current market.

What to expect from us during a Free Valuation?

When we visit, we will view each room in the property, detailing everything that is has to offer potential buyers. After this we will suggest an asking price for your property. To come to this conclusion we would have used comparable evidence, comparing your property to similar properties in the area, taking into account variations such as the size and condition of the property, extensions, outside space, positioning on the road etc. This, in conjunction with our expert local knowledge and experience as well as your own opinion!

If you do decide to go ahead and start the sale, we are happy to advise you of the best possible way to do this. We’ll listen to your goals and help you achieve them, supporting you throughout the process with advice and expert coordination.