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Things To Look Forward To In Southend-On-Sea In 2018!

Since it’s a new year, and as your local estate agents here in Southend-On-Sea, we feel it is our responsibility to let you know about all the great things coming to our wholesome community this year! Southend is a thriving city with new instalments and developments being made all the time. There are new shows, events and activities being planned for every year and it is something locals should not miss out on!

Southend Airport

It’s the new year and Christmas is over so that means the only exciting part of winter is over and we are left with cold days and rainy mornings. You’ve given up on your gym membership already and realise you are only half way through dry January. Why wait until the summer for a trip away? With southend now having its very own airport, getting away from British weather is too easy to turn down! Southend is offering cheap flights to destinations across the globe. Prices are at their cheapest at the moment so why not break up the long wait until summer with a short break away! You can also get planning your summer trip away with the new rouetes that Southend airport have opened!

The Sea Front

Southends sea front attracts millions of people every summer and this summer will be no different. If there is one thing a Southend local can be proud of it is that when the sun is out we are only a short walk away from a whole load of entertainment!
Miles of beach that stretch across the east coast of England with restaurents, casinos, night clubs, bars, amusements parks and aracade stretched all the way down!

Southends Events To Watch Out For

If you’re someone who likes to get out and dance off the bore of the working week then you have many opportunities to do so this year. Two of the hotspots for music in Southend are the wonderful Cliffs Pavilion and the local indie legend that is Chinnerys. Everything from tribute acts and local artists, to small bands that have gained great success and large bands whose flame has dwindled over the years have played at the Chinnerys. If you have never bene there is really is a part of the local culture that you cant miss out on! Great music, great beer and the perfect way to unwind at the end of the week. The Cliffs also has its place in the hearts of many locals! Hosting a huge range of shows, plays and huge acts and bringing a great range of entertainment to Southend. Check out the all the acts and entertainment to look forward to from these 2 legendary venues!


Halloween may be almost a year away at this point but that doesn’t mean you cant still get your dose or horror and scare this early on in the year. Southend is hosting a Horror-On-Sea film festival in Southend this year! It is running from the 19th – 28th of January and if you are a fan of film of being scared out of your seat then it is definitely something not to miss!

All this great stuff and so much more is coming to Southend this year. There is nothing better than having all this on your doorstep to explore. If you are looking to buy or sell in Southend-On-Sea then we are the estate agents to bring all this excitement within reach. Get in contact with one of our local experts today to find out more about the wonder of Southend and how we can get you closer to it!