Tips To Add Value To Your Home!


Are you selling your house and want to make it as valuable as possible before putting it on the market? We would all love to get a little more for our homes when it comes to selling up but what can you actually do to add to its value?

Freshen Up

It goes without saying that you should give the house a good clean from top to bottom and have everything in its place to add to its appeal but I’m taking about going one further. If your walls haven’t been painted in a while then a new coat of paint can make a world of difference. Has your wallpaper seen better days? Replace it or better still remove it and paint the walls instead, this will save you money and probably time as you can do it yourself.

Other ways you can freshen your home includes replacing any cracked tiles, scraped or stained floorboards and fixing any broken appliances. Floorboards are one of the first things that potential buyers and valuers will notice so a useful tip is to include a high specification engineered timber floor such as Glulam which is sure to add value to any room.

It may seem a little counter productive to decorate a home you are planning on moving out of but new pictures on the walls, ornaments, utensils and bed covers can really catch the eye and add to the overall feel of quality for potential buyers.

Convert Your Loft

If your are aiming to add extra value to your home then you can’t go wrong with a loft conversion. With a simply a cost conscious conversion of your loft space you can transform your 3 bed house into a 4 and maybe even a 5 bedroom house. Straight away this will add value and attraction to your property when you start selling with an estate agents.

Depending on the size of the space available you could aim to transform the loft into the new master bedroom or alternatively you can make it a kids/guest bedroom. If you are handy and can do some of the work yourself then you may just find that a small investment can add a big chunk of extra value to the house.

Convert Your Basement

One area that often goes overlooked if you’re luckily enough to have one is the basement. Whereas lofts are often suited to another bedroom or bathroom, the basement is more open plan and sturdy making it better suited to a communal area such as a second living room or man-cave area.

Since you don’t have to worry about having too much weight in the room as is often a concern with loft conversions you could even turn it into a big utility room. With a place to store your washing machine and tumble dryer, and even your freezer you can free up room in your kitchen upstairs.

Reign It In

All of the suggestions above will cost money to implement but before you begin you should work out just how much value they are likely to add to the property and budget accordingly. There’s no point in spending £10k on your renovations only to find that they have added £5k in the overall value of the property so take the time to work out the overall value you add once the cost of the changes have been subtracted to ensure that you make more on the sale.

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